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clip_image002It’s been a while since the last blog post about the meeting in Pistoia. On the second day we had a parallel session – I was chair person for the teachers – “Teachers’ view on CarboSchools Library: What materials do we need to teach Carbo-Topics? What materials do expect to get from CarboSchools = find in the CarboSchools library?”

Here is the results from our discussion (which were sent to the CS organizers)


  • Must have a quality check of all the resources that is put out, if we teachers know that it is checked, it might be easier to send away our ideas / experiments / projects
  • Hands-on experiments
  • Include documentation of “how to”
  • Yesterday’s presentations
  • Include background information for teachers these could be links to external pages (remember to include date and time for the link when it was added – Google Cache)

Teaching resources

  • Access to new research results, hopefully together with ideas to activities connected to the new research
  • Quality check
  • Ideas for projects that can be used “in the classroom” / with students
  • Animations


  • “Instrument” library w/tutorials – list over instruments that can be borrowed at the research institutes
  • Reviews of different instruments – recommendations of good instruments, also about experiences that was not so good


  • The content must be organized
  • Main topics / categories – links to the main topics where the experiments are found
  • Search engine (if the content grows)
  • Discussion forum for teachers and students
  • Possibility to find partner schools / teachers – contact information to CS teachers and teachers who uses CS library and are interested in collaboration with other teachers who are doing CS experiments / projects
  • Section that includes final results from / with students (videos, animations, reports etc) – can be in native language, but should include an abstract in English

Where do we usually find them?

  • SchoolCO2Web
  • Wikipedia
  • Google
  • Encyclopaedias
  • Local universities (reports, booklets, scientists)
  • Local research institutes
  • Booklets from CS
  • Country websites about climate
  • Online journals
  • Online teachers’ resources
  • Newspapers
  • Conferences

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